Kuwaiti teen girl in US dreads father

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 21: According to a report on US AOL website, a family court judge has ruled that the Kuwaiti teenager who told police that her father would kill her if he knew she had rejected her “religious and cultural identity” should seek council care, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The girl, who is in her mid-teens, claimed that she no longer wanted to be “subjected to the strict rules” imposed by her father based on his religious views, adding that she was terrified of how he would react.

Detail of the case emerged in a ruling published by Judge Judith Moir following a private family court hearing in Newcastle upon Tyne. The judge did not identify the family involved. When the council’s social services staff advised the girl to go into care, Judge Moir agreed, saying the teenager was likely to face “significant harm” if she stayed at home. Reportedly, the father had moved to the UK with his daughter about two years ago, leaving his wife behind in Kuwait. However, he is now living in Kuwait.

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