Wednesday , July 18 2018

Kuwaiti relief team puts a smile on Syrian refugees’ kids – IICO and Ataa society organises concert for children

Syrian refugee children sing during the distribution of relief aid
Syrian refugee children sing during the distribution of relief aid

URFA, Turkey, May 13, (KUNA): A volunteering team from the International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) and Ataa relief society have organized a concert for children of Syrian refugees in the city of Urfa southeast Turkey.

The event aimed to celebrate the renewal of sponsorship and care for 30 orphan children and the distribution of 300 toys for the Ataa School students, as well as food parcels to the families of orphans along with booking a hall for 200 children.

The team visited Urfa yesterday, where about a hundred families have been living for seven months with no shelter.

The team members distributed 280 food parcels for each family, which is enough for a month, a matter which was applauded by those families.

Chairwoman of the women’s team Noura Al-Bassam told KUNA that the team was established under the supervision of the IICO to have a legal umbrella and has so far organized 35 volunteer trip since 2012.

She stressed keenness of team members to provide psychological support, especially for women and orphans, saying they were living orphanhood and asylum and going through a big psychological pressure.

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