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Kuwaiti nights naturally cold! – Journey is long

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Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

IN THE Pearl of the Gulf, Home of Peace and country of the Humanitarian Leader ‘Kuwait’, official meetings were held for dialogues between two warring factions in the Yemen crisis — Yemen Aden and Yemen Sana’a.

A poet said, “No matter how long, Sana’a is a must. It is true that the journey is long with movements right and left. It is a journey of war, which still lingers on according to the best wish of the devil, while the signs of peace arise in some instances with the south easterly wind blowing strongly most of the time.”

In the luxurious Kuwaiti parlors and cold nights of Kuwait (naturally, I am talking about the central air conditioning system rather than the fluctuating weather in April and May), discussions are still ongoing in the same way of Jassem Yaqoub and Faisal Al-Dakhil’s ‘give and take’, which reigned supreme when Kuwaiti sport was at its best.

Considering the situation on the ground, the kind of ‘give and take’ I mean is about mutual smiles and sharing cups of coffee in Kuwait, while at the same time, taking the mechanism for dialogue to the level of cracking jokes to sheathing swords in Al-Amaliqah military base, streets of Ta’az and Al-Makla district!  This will enable one eye to focus on the cups of coffee, whereas the other one focuses on dialogue in the disputed areas of Yemen!


The reality is not about the nights of Kuwait and its cold weather, and the cups of coffee and fanciful cups of tea in Kuwait cannot guarantee peace in Yemen or improve the peace moves.  Two signatures – by Riyadh as leader of the Arab coalition and Tehran as the pillar of the other party — are the only signatures that can do it.  Anything out of this is just a waste of time, because the Houthis and Saleh hijacked the country and it can only be returned in the same way. Forget about anything that falls short of this!

  It is the force that can lead to peace and it is the only way towards the needful reality, after which dialogues can take place to discuss the details.  The memorandum plans are not workable right now, because the guns will write the memorandum and any other  thing besides this will have a different outcome.


This is Yemen and its history clearly answers relevant questions.  Numerous GCC initiatives took place before the former president was ousted and it later became obvious that the former president was only buying time hoping the ball would be played back in his favor.  It happened in September 2014 when he collaborated with the Houthis to take over the country by breaking the GCC initiatives. He reinforced siege on the presidential palace and President Abd Rabb Hadi, and the events that preceded it led to the ‘Operation Resolve Storm’.

Finally, it has been confirmed that the sword is mightier than books, so dialogues are basically a gift to the coup plotters.  They have been exploiting the situation to buy precious time and actualize certain objectives in Ta’az and other places.  Therefore,  the best move for the legitimate government is to suspend dialogues and then return to the military option, because there is no other alternative.   Achievements in Al-Makla and wiping out terrorists from Aden  could be the right gateway for redistributing the cards and restructuring the operations quickly in order to begin handling by force and efforts to deal with the issue as soon as possible.

Life is about lessons.  History is being recorded and only strong people could dictate the reality in the battle field.  Parties involved in dialogues do not share cups of coffee on cozy chairs inside opulent buildings.  In addition, stability cannot return to the country of Adnan and Qahtan unless the legitimate government takes control over the entire Yemeni territories by force rather than negotiations!

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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