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Monday , September 26 2022

Kuwaiti men compete with their female counterpart on cosmetic surgery: expert – ‘Botox, injectable fillers in high demand’

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: Consultant in Skin Diseases and Laser Cosmetics Dr Ghanima Al-Omar pointed to high demand for cosmetic treatment through “Botox” and “injectable fillers” in Kuwait, among other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and that Kuwaiti men compete with their female counterpart on cosmetic surgery.

In a statement, she indicated 35 percent of her clients are men who generally ask for injectable fillers or Botox, pointing to a huge turnout of men to a recent session on skin whitening. She stressed that men from different nationalities are competing with women in skin care, and the case is not exclusive to a specific nationality. Kuwait is among the countries with the least number of skin cancer patients, she noted, stressing the disease constitutes less than 1-2 percent on the global scale.

Dr Al-Omar warned against the widespread misconception in relation to resorting to cosmetic treatment and the assumption that skin care should start at the age of 40. She described the concept as misleading because the skin at that time has already lost its youthfulness, and the ideal age for taking care of the skin is 18 years — with the use of sunscreen and vitamin C. She reaffirmed that “the cosmetic market is contaminated because it became a profession for just anybody” and blamed the Ministry of Health for the negative trend.

The ministry is committed to its role to protect the public from unwarranted cosmetic practices but the problem is with salons, clubs and spas that operate freely without proper oversight of concerned authorities, she said

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff

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