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Tuesday , November 29 2022

Kuwaiti medical staff has reached level of excellence: Dr Al-Ghanim

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‘Liver transplants developed in Kuwait’

Dr Al-Ghanim

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 31: The digestive system and liver diseases specialist and one of the members of the liver transplant team Dr Jaber Mansour Al-Ghanim said Kuwaiti medical staff has achieved excellence in many medical fields, reports Al-Rai daily.

He added, the liver transplants have developed in Kuwait and received patients from abroad. He said the hospital receives the organs (liver) from the brain dead patients and also patients who are healthy and willing to donate which is a qualitative leap that helps Kuwait compete in this area at the global level.

Al-Ghanim told the Al-Rai TV that the liver transplant process is complex which needs lot of preparations before and after the operation and that the Jaber Hospital has the most modern and sophisticated equipment and a suitable environment for the operation. “The liver operation needs a proper environment, so Jaber Hospital was chosen because of the environment it provides for the operation,” he added.

He added there is a lot of confidence in the Kuwaiti hospitals and Kuwaiti doctors, and that the hospital wants to see that people putting their trust in Kuwaiti doctors and the facilities provided by the Kuwaiti hospitals.

He pointed out that treatment received abroad is complementary to the treatment inside the Kuwaiti hospitals, but in the process of liver transplantation is exactly the opposite, and added seven of the patients who received liver transplants were from abroad. They came to Kuwait because of the development of hospitals in Kuwait and distinguished staff.

Al-Ghanim pointed out that the number of liver patients in Kuwait is big, and “we received at least 35 people a year who need liver transplant, and we as medical staff are taking small but confident steps in the liver transplantation program.”

He added that the reason for “our small steps in this area is because of the scarcity of donors, and we are in the process of developing the program, and move from receiving liver from with brain dead patients to living donors.”

He pointed out this will be the second step that will allow us to expand the field to receive liver patients in Kuwait.

Al Ghanim pointed out that with regard to the digestive system diseases, “we seek to make us of the latest developments in endoscopy and small operations and to include the best expertise and thankfully modern Kuwaiti cadres have the capacity to conduct modern endoscopic operations.”