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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Kuwaitis who hold fake certificates find themselves in ‘no man’s land’

Bachelor degree holders said paid KD 4,000 each, Masters 7,000

KUWAIT CITY, June 1: Kuwaitis who hold phantom certificates from universities in India, the Philippines and Athens suffer the most because they find themselves in no man’s land after spending huge sums of money to acquire them, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The daily added, these certificates are not worth the value of paper because they have not been recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education. The sources say, from India alone 190 Kuwaitis have acquired these certificates – 189 Bachelor degrees and one Masters for a total cost of 763,000 dinars.

The Bachelor degree holders are said to have paid KD 4,000 each and the Masters 7,000. The number of certificate holders from the Philippines is 562, including 6 Doctorates, 24 Masters and 532 Bachelor’s degrees. The cost of each certificate is 12 thousand dinars for the doctorate, 6,800 for the Masters and 3,000 dinars for the Bachelor degree. The total cost is believed to be 850 million dinars.

The number of these certificates holders from Slovakia is 57 citizens – specializations in industrial and civil engineering, and the value of one certificate is 5 thousand dinars, and the total is 285 thousand dinars. A source revealed that the holders of certificates from Athens numbered about 214, including 36 who received a Doctorate, and the value of each certificate 15 thousand dinars, total of 540 thousand; 38 Masters certificates, 6,800 dinars per certificate, total 380 thousand dinars, holders of fake Bachelor certificates number 140 people with 5 thousand dinars per certificate and the total cost 700 thousand dinars, which means waste of a total of 1.220 million dinars.

The figures indicate that the total value of the certificates of doubtful authenticity cost the holders about 4 million dinars, was paid to «Mafia» imaginary universities. An official source confirmed that the Ministry of Higher Education continues to fight fake certificates, and has referred dozens of certificates to the Prosecution. This is in addition to some ministries which are conducting investigations with the holders of such certificates, including the Ministry of Oil. The sources stressed the need to expand the investigation in various government sectors and Education Ministry, to eliminate this serious scourge.

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