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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Kuwaiti doctors treating refugees in Jordan

Kuwaiti doctor seen attending to a Syrian patient in Jordan

Al-Rahma International, an affiliate of Kuwait’s Social Reforms Society, has sent in a team of medical volunteers of various specialties to treat Syrian refugees in the Kingdom. Walid Al-Suwailem, the head of the charity’s bureaus in Syria and Turkey and chief of the team, told KUNA on Sunday that the association had sent in the team of medical personnel in response to a request by the local Al- Makased Hospital, which needed help due to its limited medical resources.

The team, upon an understanding with the hospital management, is present at the hospital for five days per week for treating the Syrian refugees. On the first day of the mission which has already begun, he said, up to 1,000 ill refugees were admitted seeking the Kuwaiti medical aid for free. In only two days, more than 50 surgeries were conducted. Saleh Al-Faqih, deputy chairman of the hospital, said the team operates till late hours, praising devotion and sincerity of the Kuwaiti doctors and surgeons. (KUNA)

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