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Kuwaiti citizen gets jail for cheating compatriot – Man absolved in manslaughter

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KUWAIT CITY, June 24: The Court of First Instance presided over by Judge Nayef Al-Adwani sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to oneyear imprisonment with hard labor and bail bond worth KD 300 after he was convicted of duping a compatriot by selling him a real-estate property that was already bought by another person. The Public P r o s e c u t i o n charged the suspect for duping the plaintiff by offering to sell a property, which was already sold to another individual. He allegedly deceived the plaintiff into believing that the landlord asked him to search for a buyer, and promised to transfer the deed after payment. He collected KD 65,000 advance payment from the plaintiff, although the house had been sold even before the negotiations. The plaintiff counsel Lawyer Mohammad Khalil Al-Qattan filed a lawsuit against the suspect, accusing him of violating Penal Code provision No. 1/231 by committing the crime. He alleged that the suspect collected an advance payment of KD 65,000 by cheque and was approved at a local bank. However, the documents established the fact that the property belonged to another person who had earlier purchased it.

Man not guilty: The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti man of manslaughter in a case involving an Asian woman he hit on the Fahaheel Road toward Nuwaiseeb. The Public Prosecution charged the suspect for reckless driving that led to crushing of the woman to death. Lawyer Nasser Al-Khureinj defending the accused argued that his client was not reckless technically. He blamed the victim for crossing the road without precaution, especially as the location was not designated for crossing. He reiterated the woman jumped into the road suddenly at a wrong location, and his client maintained the permitted speed limit.

Marriage endorsed: The Jafari Circuit of the Family Court endorsed the marriage between a Kuwaiti citizen and a French woman which was ordained by a religious cleric in France. The case was filed by Lawyer Maryam Faisal Al-Bahar on behalf of the Kuwaiti man who wanted his marriage to a French woman to be endorsed in Kuwait. Lawyer Al-Bahar explained that her client married the woman at a mosque in France with a dowry worth 2,000 Euros, half of which was to be paid later to the wife. The reason behind the case was that the bride’s father was against the marriage. However, according to the Personal Status law, the approval needed for the marriage to be valid lies on the woman if it is not her first marriage.

Verdict annulled: The Court of Appeals overturned the verdict issued by a lower court which sentenced a “weapon dealer” to threeyear imprisonment with hard labor, and ordered him to pay a fine of KD 1,000 over charges of possession of a firearm, hunting guns and several rounds of ammunition with the intention to sell them. Representing the “weapons dealer” was Lawyer Ina’am Haidar who insisted that the manner in which her client was arrested and searched was illegal, as it was done within the period of amnesty issued by the government to people who possessed unlicensed firearms, ammunition and explosives.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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