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Kuwaiti acquitted in abuse of power and solicitation of bribery

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 28: The Court of Appeals acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of abuse of power and solicitation of bribery. According to the case file, the Public Prosecution attributed to the suspect that he, while working at the Criminal Investigation Department during the period from 31/5/2021 to 16/6/2021, had requested for himself and for others gifts in the form of money (bribe) in exchange of his alleged influence in the housing administration in the Ministry of Defense. Representing the defendant was Lawyer Fahad Al-Badi who insisted on the innocence of his client from the accusations leveled against him.

He based his argument on article 39 of the Constitution, which stipulates that, “The freedom of postal, telegraphic and telephone correspondence is safeguarded and its confidentiality is guaranteed … Persons, their residents, and their messages are inviolable … and the inviolability of messages prohibits viewing postal, telegram or telephone messages during their transmission or interception from one person to another”.

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