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Kuwait tightens security for national holidays to keep away from negative phenomena

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Anwar Al-Barjas, discussed with field security leaders plans for the security sectors’ preparations for the country’s national occasions.

Major General Anwar Al-Barjas

In a press statement issued by the General Department of Relations and Security Media at the ministry, Al-Barjas stressed the need for full readiness and constant vigilance for security men to impose the law and to deal firmly with any negative phenomena such as spraying water or climbing the roofs of vehicles, getting out of windows, sitting on the fronts of vehicles and obstructing traffic and standing in prohibited places, parking spaces for the disabled, holding prohibited races, performing reckless actions, and exceeding speed limits.

He called on the security men to abide by the upscale, open-mindedness and initiative to provide humanitarian aid to the public, especially those with special needs and the elderly, and to translate security measures into practical reality, and to preserve everyone’s safety and security.

Al-Barjas discussed with field security leaders plans for security deployment at the country’s level, coordination mechanisms between the security sectors, the level of readiness and integration with the common sectors, where 1,650 patrols participate in securing the celebrations. He reviewed the plans for precautionary security measures, stressing the need to work in a team spirit to extend the umbrella of security and safety, as well as the presence of security leaders in the field., (KUNA)

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