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Wednesday , December 7 2022

Kuwait ‘pillars’ Iraq as key to regional security

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Baghdad conference narrows gulf between states

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 29: The Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership has brought together regional leaders to show support for Iraq in its war on terror and agree on a series of measures to promote regional cooperation and partnership in a variety of domains. At the conclusion of their one-day gathering Saturday, the conferees concurred on the need to address regional challenges on basis of good neighborliness, non-interference in internal affairs and respect of national sovereignty. The participant heads of states and governments called for uniting regional and international efforts to bring about stability and security for the area.

They welcomed Iraq’s diplomacy which contributed to reaching common grounds at regional and international levels in a drive to boost political, economic and security partnerships. They said Iraq succeeded in adopting constructive dialogue which resulted in hosting the conference. The participants praised Iraq’s sacrifices in the war against terror, and welcomed development of Iraq’s military and security capabilities. They also welcomed the Iraqi government’s economic reform plans which would contribute to creation of suitable economic environment, sustainable development and creation of jobs.

They voiced support for the Iraqi government’s efforts to provide services and allowing return of internally displaced persons. Addressing the conferees, Representative of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah noted that the convention is held at a critical and crucial time in the region. Sheikh Sabah Khaled emphasized that the region could never witness stability as long as Iraq remained unstable. “Iraq is one of the basic security and economic foundations in the region,” he said, lauding the nation success in overcoming and tackling majority of the problems it had encountered since years back. Iraq will experience a pivotal phase in its political process that is the parliamentary elections due on October 10 (2021), Sheikh Sabah Khaled stated, noting that the nation would need support from the regional states and the international community to back up the scheduled polling process. The Kuwaiti prime minister noted further that the support for Iraq would entail bolstering its sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, non-intervention in its domestic affairs and meeting aspirations of the Iraqi people.

The State of Kuwait is among the leading states in the region that sense and interact with the difficult security and economic conditions in Iraq, “thus we will not be reluctant in supporting it in the hardest times,” he stressed. Citing a tangible example of Kuwait’s unwavering support for Iraq, His Highness the prime minister recalled the initiative by the Leader of Humanitarian Action, the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, where he masterminded the holding of the international conference for rebuilding Iraq regions demolished by “Daesh,” held in February 2018. The convention ended with a USD 30 billion pledge for aiding Iraq. The pledges depicted the State of Kuwait and the international community’s commitment to back Iraq in the phase post the victory on terrorism for surpassing the difficult circumstances and ensuring comeback of the relocated Iraqis.

Moreover, the State of Kuwait responded several times to international appeals to meet needs of the displaced Iraqi people, in coordination with the UN Higher Commission for Refugees, in addition to coordinating with charities’ campaigns to aid those who had been locally displaced in all Iraqi governorates. “Recently, for sake of empowering the Iraqi health system to cope with repercussions of the coronavirus, the State of Kuwait presented USD 10 million to Iraq via the World Health Organization, in addition to supervising and follow-up on part of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development with regard of the second phase of the Kuwaiti grant on repairing and rehabilitating 30 health centers with a sum amounting to USD 85 million, after completing the first stage of the project at USD 15 million.” Furthermore, the State of Kuwait had responded several times to international appeals to secure needs for the displaced Iraq in coordination with the UNHCR, in tandem with the campaign “Kuwait on your side.” As to the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, “they have been evolving steadily; motivated by serious resolve and joint will from leaderships of the two countries toward bolstering these bonds in various sectors.” Noting Kuwait’s aspiration toward implementing bilateral accords, His Highness the prime minister lauded Iraq’s honoring of its commitments; stipulated in the Security Council Resolution 2107 concerning the missing Kuwaitis and citizens of third states and the Kuwaiti properties including the national archive. (KUNA)

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