Kuwait passport powerful: index

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 16: According to a global institution’s annual index on the most powerful passports in the world based on which freedom to travel the world is estimated, United Arab Emirates tops the list among the Arab countries and is in 40th place internationally as the holders of UAE passports can freely enter 114 countries.

Kuwait comes second among the Arab countries and 63rd worldwide as the holders of Kuwaiti passports can enter 78 countries without visa, reports Al-Shahed daily. On the other hand, Iraq falls last among the Arab countries and second last internationally, occupying 108th place. Syria is in 105th place, Sudan 103rd, Libya 101st and Yemen 99th.

The institution conducted a comprehensive study on the visa laws in all countries worldwide for more than ten years before releasing the global index to categorize the countries based on the restrictions on the citizens of those countries for travelling to other countries.

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