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‘Kuwait lagging in e-govt, innovation in comparison globally and the Gulf’

‘Need to ease trade procedures, boost tourism’

One of the facilities of Sabah Al-Ahmad Heritage Village

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 25: “The performance of Kuwait is still lagging in four different indicators globally and in the Gulf, as well as the improvement in three others, the most important of which is the development of e-government and global innovation,” reports Al-Qabas daily.

Dr Tareq Al-Duwaisan, a development and quality expert said this while commenting on his study on development in Kuwait in 2018. The study showed performance of the country in the most important evidence of global development, indicating that Kuwait is ranked in 100th position out of 136 in the guide of competitiveness of travel and tourism, while it occupied the last position in the Gulf.

He pointed out that Kuwait is required to ease procedures and conditions guiding visitors and businessmen, as well as provide direct air transport to the rest of the world, whether through national or foreign carriers. It should promote recreational and cultural activities with an attractive business environment for businessmen and foreign private companies, by activating tourism, parks, reserves, islands and archaeological sites.

The performance of Kuwait compared to the GCC countries during the past six years has not been very good. The country is on the bottom of the list in all sub-indicators except for the natural and cultural resources where it has improved very slightly. He pointed out that the country is low in the Business Environment Index where it stands in the 59th place. When it comes to the priorities of travel and tourism, it stands in the 125th place and in terms of cultural resources and business travel it occupies 125th position.

Al-Duwaisan explained that analysis of the country’s results in the three pillars of the egovernment development indicator, which includes “e-services, communications infrastructure and human capital”, shows a major delay in the services sector.

This is especially since it ranks fifth in the Gulf and lagged behind the developed emirates in this field. He pointed out that the Kuwaiti government should concentrate in the next stage on improving the official portal and websites of government agencies, especially in the Ministry of Health, Education, Labor Force, Employment, Social Welfare, Finance and the Environment.

Al-Duwaisan pointed out that Kuwait’s position is the 129th in the world from 144 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index and this represents a decline of one percentage point from last year.

It is noteworthy that the decline did not refl ect the improvement in the degree, since the rate is relatively lower than the rate of improvement for other countries. On the performance scale with the Gulf States, he pointed out that the ranking of the country is still the third, although it ranked first and second in the Gulf until 2012, while the UAE has maintained its good performance by positioning in the first and second place in 2008.

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