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‘Kuwait is rich, safe, but this will not last forever’

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KUWAIT CITY, March 21: The Dutch Ambassador to Kuwait, Lawrens Westhoff described Kuwait as “now rich, safe, healthy, educated and has a strong economic environment, but this will not be forever just like the Netherlands,” reports Al-Qabas daily. This came in a speech during the celebration of the specialized Maastricht Business School for awarding a Master’s degree with a Dutch certificate, with the graduation of 7 of its last batches until 2023.

The Dutch Ambassador to Kuwait, Lawrens Westhoff

Westhoff said: “I am very proud because I know that it is a difficult task and the students successfully passed it. People ask me how private universities have this knowledge about technology and modern ideas, and I answer that it is creativity and innovation. “Let us think outside the box and develop those ideas. We try several times to extract new concepts for our priorities, and they ask me: How do we develop creativity? The answer is management.”

He added, “All graduates have learned to manage creativity and think outside the box, which is what helps Kuwait overcome its challenges. Kuwait is now rich, safe, healthy, and enjoys education and is characterized by a strong economic environment, but this will not be forever, just like the Netherlands.” He went on to say, “We have to change, face challenges, and continue the skills of creativity and innovation, which is what is happening tonight. This is not an individual event, but rather an inspiration for the talents in Kuwait. I am very proud that the Dutch University of Maastricht, the School of Management, played a role towards the educational future of students in Kuwait, and I am very happy with that cooperation, wishing for a bright future spot for Kuwait and its graduates.

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