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‘Kuwait, India must nod hiring of more professional workers’ – ‘Facilitate nurses recruitment’

Dr-Khaled-AljenfawiAccording to a recent report by the Express News Service “private Indian recruiters who hire nurses to work in foreign countries including the GCC countries and particularly Kuwait, have found a new way to overcome restrictions imposed on them by the Indian g o v e r n m e n t . ” Moreover, the “recruiters now reportedly operate from Dubai leaving the enforcement agencies in the southern Indian state of Kerala – the state that produces much of the nursing staff – mere spectators because the foreign land is beyond their jurisdiction.

According to reports a large number of nurses seeking employment in Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (MOH) recently travelled to Dubai on visit visas for interviews (Source: Arab Times, Sept 30, 2015).

It is beyond me to account for any restrictions imposed by the Indian government on hiring nurses from Kerala; however, I continue to believe that Indian residents continue to contribute to Kuwait’s development.

In fact, it is not far-fetched to argue here that Indian expats from different professional and non-professional backgrounds have been a blessing to Kuwait and its people. Historically and culturally known for their excellent work ethics, commitment, and hardworking values, Indian expats continue to be our most valued friends and partners in Kuwait.

I would encourage the Indian government to do whatever is in its power to facilitate the recruitment of Indian workers.

Furthermore, Indians continue to top expats in Kuwait due to their historical presence in the Gulf region and in Kuwait in particular. Our historical ties with India, its magnificent people and its rich cultures go back decades, if not centuries.

I would even argue that many Kuwaitis think highly of Indian expats for their commitment, hard work, and for their peaceful coexistence with Kuwaitis and the rest of the expat population.

Many Indian medical professionals for example constitute the backbone of our national health service. Indian nationals work as doctors, engineers, as well as nurses, and highly skilled technicians. I do encourage both the Kuwaiti and Indian governments to allow the recruitment of more Indian workers.

The positive experiences of many Gulf countries in recruiting more Indians prove their true value to our regional economies.

In addition, India’s most recent economic and technological developments would make Indian work force, professionals, workers, the more sought after human resources in today’s world. Indian expats have no rooted cultural problems to assimilate into our culture. I would even argue that our Indian friends and partners are the precious jewel of our expat population. khaledaljenfawi@yahoo.com

By Khaled Aljenfawi

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