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Tuesday , September 21 2021

Kuwait Credit Bank unaffected by corona pandemic

KUWAIT CITY, June 3: Kuwait Credit Bank announced the disbursement of approximately 24 million Kuwaiti dinars to 3,772 bank customers during the corona pandemic.

The bank’s spokesperson, Habari Al-Khashti, said the bank continues to perform its duties and provided services at the same level without any interruption during the corona pandemic (COVID-19), with the help of a strong and well-established technological infrastructure.

The spokesperson added, the bank, before the corona pandemic, had adopted the approach of completing all transactions electronically (online) through the ‘Credit’ application on smart phones and through its official portal on the Internet.

The official added the bank currently works to complete transactions depending entirely on the digital technologies that have been developed over the past years, to ensure the continuity of the banking work and the completion of the tasks entrusted to it under any circumstance, whether in regular times or during emergency situations.

The official explained the applied technology package provided the bank with the appropriate environment to cope with the challenges facing work during the corona pandemic, as ToughPad was used to allow engineers with specialized access to the bank’s network in a safe manner and to complete the work and tasks assigned to them to ensure services are provided to the beneficiaries

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