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Tuesday , August 20 2019

Kuwait Audit Bureau to host INTOSAI committees’ meetings in September

The Audit Bureau assistant undersecretary for financial, administrative affairs and information technology Issam Al-Mutairi, Bureau director of the production and manufacturing supervision department Abdulrazzaq Al- Kandari, a senior member of the technical bureau in the supervision sector Iman Al-Hwaidi during the meeting

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15, (KUNA): The Audit Bureau announced on Wednesday it would host annual meeting of INTOSAI’s Capacity Building Committee (CBC) and a meeting for Intosai’s Donor Steering Committee (IDSC) for five days as of Sept 3. The forecast meetings will be “the grandest event for the higher audit apparatuses this year,” the bureau said in a statement, alluding to the scheduled meetings for the panels; affiliated to the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI).

Issam Al-Mutairi, the bureau assistant undersecretary for financial, administrative affairs and information technology, affirmed in a statement to journalists that the event would be organized with special care, against backdrop of the diwan joining “this group in 2016 at a meeting held in Sweden.” A large number of prominent international bodies, associations and authorities will partake in the meetings due in Kuwait, he said. The CBC is INTOSAI’s “right arm in the field of overhauling and boosting professional capacities for workers in the (audit) apparatuses,” Al-Mutairi added. The bureau, during the events, will host delegations and representatives from 49 states and organizations, namely the World Bank (WB).

The Kuwaiti delegation will be headed by the bureau chairman, Adel Al-Saraawi, along with a group of experts from the diwan. The event will be also attended by chiefs of ten higher bureaus from various nations. Meanwhile, Abdulrazzaq Al-Kandari, the Audit Bureau director of the production and manufacturing supervision department, indicated in a statement that the bureau would host the event to study and benefit from expertise of leading foreign departments in the field. For her part, Iman Al-Hwaidi, a senior member of the technical bureau in the supervision sector, said 100 personalities would be present at the scheduled sessions.

The event will include a special gathering to look into various issues namely governance and internal auditing. Government recently increased the strategic food reserve as part of its plan for enhancing food security in Kuwait, reports Al-Shahed daily. According to informed sources, the current food reserve can cover for six months. Ministry of Commerce and Industry bought double the quantities of food items to cover the requirements of citizens for distribution via ration cards.

The value of the stock for one month is KD 90 million. Large quantities of commodities are put up for distribution regularly in batches based on their expiry dates so that they are out of the warehouses before they become expired. The strategic reserve quantity is then maintained by supplying the warehouses with more food items. The sources explained that this plan is part of the precautionary measures taken in consideration of the current regional situations which when aggravated could lead to fear among the leading food companies concerning safe transportation of their food items to Kuwait, which could in turn affect the food supplies in Kuwait.

They revealed that the concerned bodies are negotiating with major companies in Australia in order to avoid reduction in the agreed quantities of meat and livestock transported to Kuwait during Eid Al-Adha, adding that the government has opened new channels with other resources in order to ensure the demands for meat and livestock are met.

The sources stressed that the government’s strategy is based on three factors – meeting the demands for necessary food items, ensuring capability to bear the costs, and meeting the quality and safety criteria. They revealed that, according to statistics issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the total number of ration cards issued so far are 371,225, covering the needs of 1,559,463 citizens. The sources added that the total subsidy allocated for food items is KD100 million, as per the latest official data.

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