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Kuwait Audit Bureau – Avoid wasting public funds that may affect state budget

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Kuwait, May 18: The Kuwait State Audit Bureau confirmed keenness to achieve effective control over public funds and to ensure valid procedures for government agencies contracts regarding requirements to confront the Corona Virus pandemic (Covid 19) to avoid any waste that might affect the state budget.

Khawla Al-Harban, Acting Director of the Department of Advance Control of Economic Affairs told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Monday that the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through and the preventive measures followed in various parts of the country have resulted in the receipt of similar purchase orders from several parties, especially those related to sanitizing materials.

Pointing to beware of similar request to purchase sanitizing for the Ministry of Defense for 200,000 sterilized packages (500 milliliters) from a company worth 2,250 dinars per package (about nine dollars), pointing to the same request from the Ministry of Health with the same specifications and size of the package (500 milliliters), but the number of one million packages from a local factory is valued at 800 fils (about $ 2.50) per package.

The Audit Bureau had informed the Ministry of Defense that it needs to coordinate with the Ministry of Health in this regard, given the lower price offered to the Ministry of Health than the price submitted to the Ministry of Defense.

It showed that (the defense) withdrew the papers of the topic and re-submitted it to the previous monitoring by requesting a contract with the local company by offering a price of one dinar (about 3.3 dollars). From the Ministry of Health, as well, due to the high price of raw materials on international markets, given the current conditions of the Corona crisis.

The two cautions in this regard indicated achieving savings for the state’s public money in the amount of 390 thousand dinars (about $ 1,248 million) for the previous contract request, which confirms the Diwan’s keenness to achieve effective control of the state’s public funds and to ensure the correctness of the procedures used for government agency contracts to avoid any financial waste

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