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KRAHS maul Dragon Bowlers as Jordan Elites tame IBL Tigers


UNIMONI Exchange, IncrediBowlers, SKARZ and Eagles post victory

KUWAIT CITY, May 28: The KRAHS and Jordan Elites’ bowlers registered contrasting victories against their opponents that switches with their fourth and fifth ranking in the elimination round-eleventh week of the 2019 Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait – Kuwait Bowling Federation Cup 2019 Tenpin Bowling League held at Kuwait Bowling Sporting Club Complex in Salmiya. There were no more movements from the inner and outer circle of the thirteen teams. The other teams that posted victory were Swooping Eagles, SKARZ, IncrediBowlers and UNIMONI Exchange while NUSANTARA played bye.

Camilo Baker powered his team with 634 points his highest in the league as the KRAHS team demolished the sleeping Dragon Bowlers 2,941-2,302. It was a vindication after losing two successive games and returned to its original fourth place. Baker delivered 180, 229, 225, followed by Eddie Pena (341), Mar Evangelista (327), Joel Tizon (319), Sam Behbehani (316), Moises Amahan (312), Pilar Patula (142) and Eden Danan (127) with 6-5 win-lose record and winning the Team Weekly High Series. The winless Dragons were Bing Robiso (479), Lester Matugas (456), Valerio Lopez (323) and Analiza dela Sada (270). NUSANTARA team played bye and did not help them to be out of their commune due to habitual absenteeism of their bowler. The 4-man team were Ahmad Fahmi (471), Erlisa Gantosori (430), Tanjung Gantosori (416) and Nuki Winuka (408). 

The Jordan Elites led by its lady bowler Basma Ammar who scored 558 points snapped the fifth-week winning streak of IBL Tigers 2,858-2,683. In the first game of the competition the 4-man team Jordan Elites and IBL Tigers scored 845 points apiece and shared the twenty five game points. The Jordans completed its line up in the second and third games and showed its supremacy over the Tigers with the scores of 924-881 and 1,051-944. After the match both teams landed with the same record of 7-3-1 win-lose-bye game. Jordan Elites Basma top-scored with her 204, 171, 183 assisted by Ali Arqoub (521), Waleed Boloushi (458), Yousef  Waleed (402) and Aji Varghese (384) while the Tigers top scorer was Joel Fernandes (541), Ulysses Menezes (501), Rudilph Castelino (455), Nadine Dias (430), Fatima Sequiera (233) and Rani Skeik (158). Although Jordan Elites won the game still they skid from fourth to fifth post while the Tigers kept their second position.

The UNIMONI Exchange returned to its winning form when they routed the Asian Air Safari 2,903-2,791. Faisal Saleem showed his usual stellar performance when he scored 634 and was supported by Yousef Ghandanfar (529), Rashid Akher li (524), Rudy de Lima (480) and Ahmad Fadhil Karam (460) while Asian Air Safari the high scorer was Farid Gabriel (613) assisted by Mohammad Karam (516), Fadhil Al Masri (507), Aqeel Al Farisy (503) and Sonia Mathews (501). SKARZ recorded their third consecutive victory after outsmarting the cliff hangers Falcon Int’l Cargo in the third game 2,636-2,523. SKARZ Melwin Isaac scored 476 points, Stephen Sequiera, Lionel Mendes added   454, 438 respectively while Ignatius Fernandes, Kathy Fernandes and Solomon Moras chipped in 278, 245, 243 points. The Falcon Cargo bowlers were Gener Calingasan (460), Jason Gamba (450), Jhon Narvasa (438), Imelda Calingasan (406) and Jess Tolentino (390). 

The IncrediBowlers outscored the on-off ‘X’ Strikers in the third game of their confrontation 2,593-2,552. The Incredibles’ Lito Michael scored 513 points, back up by Melvin Alabado (450), Erick Chang (436), Ruben Cervantes (426), Sandy Panopio (285) and Chat Sarne (94) while ‘X’ Strikers top pointer was Joe Presenta (504) followed by Cris Caringay (448), Ceddie Faa (429), Bima Nitikusumo (272), Rocky Castil (266) and Abel Nitikusumo (250). The Swooping Eagles posted their third week winning streak and Pin Pals’ third consecutive loss and the score was 2,564-2,463. Clinton Cathers (475) was the high scorer assisted by Riz Roque (458), Jessica Balagat (408), Benjie Roque (386) and Alonzo Bush (378) while Pin Pals top pointer was Vasant Harshan (498), followed by Allan Fernandes (446), Diago Camilo (497), Agnello Fernandes (396) and Neeta Fernandes (265). The win-lose-bye game record of the Swooping Eagles was 8-2-1 while Pin Pals had 8-3. For the win of the Eagles, their leverage points with the cliff hanger increase to 10 marks.

Eleventh round results: 1. UNIMONI Exchange (31,005); 2. IBL Tigers (30,372); 3. Asian Air Safari (30,264); 4. KRAHS (29,906); 5. Jordan Elite Bowlers (29,880); 6. ‘X’ Strikers (29,515); 7. Swooping Eagles  (29,151); 8. Falcon Int’l Cargo (29,049); 9. IncrediBowlers (28,690); 10. NUSANTARA (28,152); 11. Pin Pals (27,780); 12. SKARZ (27,750) and 13. Dragon Bowlers (25,015).

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