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KOC plans to conduct survey of offshore oil sites to be ‘drilled’

Bid to obtain high-accuracy seismic data

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 14: Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) intends to conduct a survey of the offshore oil sites scheduled to be drilled in the coming period, in order to obtain high-accuracy seismic data for the locations of the offshore wells proposed by the company, reaching 6 to 20 drilling sites within the territorial waters of Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily quoting reliable sources from oil sector.

The same sources added that Kuwait Oil Company has asked contractors to prepare for tenders to be offered during the coming days, which will extend for a period of 5 years from the date of signing the contract, noting it can be extended up to an additional six months. Sources stated that KOC intends to conduct ground surveys of the seabed in a number of proposed wells to be drilled by the company, provided that the survey covers an area of 3 by 3 square kilometers, besides processing the ground holes to ensure there are no explosives or obstacles impeding the drilling process in the future. Sources also said the company that wins the contract must provide all survey vessels, equipment, devices and supplies necessary to implement and use them adequately, in addition to materials and labor force, including all spare parts, fuel and lubricants, adequate office space and a laboratory for the company’s representatives.

Also, the company that wins the contract should note that Halliburton International has informed Kuwait Oil Company about the shipment challenges in terms of importing offshore drilling rigs from China due to the spread of the new Coronavirus pandemic, while a technical team should go to inspect the offshore drilling machine before shipping it to Kuwait, indicating an initial date was set in for next October instead of last July. Kuwait Oil Company expects to produce about 100,000 barrels of oil per day upon the completion of the project, as the contract with Halliburton includes drilling of six wells as part of the exploration operations, in addition to drilling rig with a capacity of 4,500 horsepower, This is very important to ensure the existence of a drilling machine with the ability to deal with all conditions in the drilling area. The implementation of the project is three years and it’s valued at KD 181 million.

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