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KISR experts farm white-leg shrimp

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: Aqua life experts at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) managed to farm white-leg shrimp (or vannamei) at a desert area in Kabd using low salinity water. The experimental model shrimp farm of the Institute imported vannamei larvae from Thailand and has almost reached a commercial production level, KISR’s Acting Director General Dr. Manei’ Al-Siderawi said Monday.

Vannamei shrimp.

“The productivity of the experiment, the first of its kind, reached two kilograms per square meter,” he said. “This species of shrimp started to dominate the global shrimp farming business due to the speed of its growth rate and high resistance to viral diseases,” Dr. Al-Siderawi pointed out. He added that the vannamei farming project in Kabd falls in the framework of Kuwait Development Plan 2035 and the instructions of the cabinet to upgrade the fish and shrimp farming techniques as a means of backing the national food security. (KUNA)

Kuwait Institute for Scientifi c Research succeeds in cultivating Vannamei shrimp in the desert of Kuwait.

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