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Saturday , August 24 2019

Khalifa bin Salman the fence of Bahrain

IT IS not strange for Bahrain’s Prime Minister His Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman to open his doors for citizens to listen and talk to them directly in a comfortable manner, especially on issues concerning security and the political situation.

Prince Khalifa always affirms the veracity of the position which the people of Bahrain took in order to confront the Mullah regime conspiracy, which was aimed at devouring Bahrain and making the bridge which Iran will use to infiltrate into the remaining countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Therefore, when he affirmed in his council a few days ago that “failure is the share of everyone who bets on negatively affecting our unity and solidarity between leaders and the people,” he reminded Bahrainis on the importance of solidarity and unity because the main objective of aggression is to divide their national line.

Everyone in GCC countries have realized that the Bahraini leadership went through fierce attacks — similar to the one that targeted Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and above all, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

However, with a solid Bahraini stance and the help of Peninsula Shield Forces; they warded off one of the most dangerous conspiracies against GCC countries.

No one can forget the tremendous efforts exerted by His Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman, considering he was the targeted personality. He sustained many attacks on him and his family, but he did not divert from national loyalty for King Hamad bin Essa and Bahrain.

His Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman renewed his devotion for Bahrain, its people and leadership by saying, “We are always with you and with every citizen. We work for the welfare of the citizens and we protect the people of Bahrain from every lurking evil.

“From my side, I will not relent even for a single second on any issue concerning the welfare of the country; due to the fact that the welfare of Bahrain is the welfare of other GCC countries, the stability of this kingdom is important for the stability of the remaining members of the Gulf organization.

“In case, God forbid, the Persian scheme succeeds in realizing its objective, no one will be exempted in the Gulf; not the Kuwaitis, Emiratis or Saudis, and not even the Qataris who will be the next target of aggression after Bahrain.”

His Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman is doing an excellent job in reminding Bahrainis, and Gulf nationals in general, about the stages of confronting aggression; because refraining from mentioning such issues will lead to oblivion, and through that, cautiousness will drop.

This is exactly what the conspirators are striving for. The Prime Minister said “conspiracies against us continue relentlessly. Interference in our affairs comes from those who are not far from us. Their main concern is to divide us — a united nation which stands behind its leaders; hence, continuous caution is necessary like the air we breathe.”

Bahrain must go past the plight that Iran attempted to impose on it, whether directly or through the weak souls of those who opted to go against their patriotism values.

This happened at a time Bahrain announced its major discovery of oil and gas in its entire history. This means Almighty Allah wants this blessed land to enjoy its abundant blessings.

Nonetheless, everyone highly appreciates the loyalty and sacrifices which Prince Khalifa bin Salman made together with his brothers in the Bahraini leadership during their fight against Iranian aggression.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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