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Keyboard nations wails

Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

Few weeks ago, we saw a hashtag “Express Anger for Aleppo” on Twitter. It was preceded by several other headlines advocating support for Syria and urging for outburst, protest and fury over the atrocities against Muslims within their territories.

This situation started precisely after March 15, 2011 when the people of Hawaren in South Syria became enraged over the continued burning of the bridge of massive social, economic and political reforms.

The outcry of Syrians was preceded by Al-Yasmine protest in Tunisia which had led to removal of Zein El-Abiden. It was followed by the January 25th Revolution which saw the collapse of the government of the then Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

The fire of rage was widespread across Middle East. It could have started through mere coincidence and it would have remained that way but its entry into the mainstream of Syria can definitely not be considered as a coincidence.

We all remember how our respected clerics were calling for Jihad in Syria, while the women in various GCC countries were donating their money and jewelry on TV. The donations came from every nook and cranny of the Arab World and we citizens emotionally moved to enliven the politics and sad scenarios provoked us. Many of us tried as much as possible to donate what we could to support the Jihadists in Syria.

We also remember how some politicians were urging their followers to support the Syrian issue. Everybody stood by the people whose issue reached us through short clips on YouTube. If not for Allah Almighty and YouTube, we wouldn’t have known the situation in Syria.

Majority of us were emotional, calling for taking up arms or providing them in order to destroy the seed of wickedness sown by Bashar and his cohorts.

We did not realize that the incident in Syria was not a kind of war that warranted support. It was a crisis that ensued among the citizens of that country based on the Sunni-Alawite Shiite muscle-flexing over who has more rights in the country.

The disaster is that those who were calling for charity in our countries did not strike that point. They only concentrated on fuelling of Jihad and further spilling of blood inside the country which was actually in dire need for roundtable talks instead of chaos. That country needed compromises instead of media sticks for creating holes in the eyes.

When the blood reached the pharynx, some of those who were making noise about the Syrian crisis retreated, some others maintained sealed lips, and others claimed they did not have eyes to see refugees beyond the border. How then will you convince him to open his border for them?

Since 2011, Arabs have been hitting their faces with keyboards. Since then, they have been hitting hard on social media and releasing hashtags like “Express Anger for Aleppo”, “Revolt for Syria” and “Cry, Why Are You Not Crying?!!”, “What happened?”, “Bogus Heroism?” and “Paper Tigers”.

Muslims have been waging war of words to establish that they are strong. Sight deception happened through few hashtags such that those who read the responses of those who participated in them would think that he was discussing with Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed Al-Mughirah Al-Makhzoumi Al-Qurshi!

If you were really bold, you would have opened your homes to receive the battered bodies that crossed land and sea horrified while fleeing from the monster of killing and displacement.

If you were truly bold and dignified, you wouldn’t have allowed those Syrian refugees to head to Europe such that only some of them survived while majority of them were stuck on the way.

Therefore, stop creating such hashtags and hiding your heads under the table. Behaving in this manner is pitiful and reflects your spinelessness and level of your insignificance.

By Intisar Al-Matouq

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