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KD 10 million blood money ‘exaggerated’: cleric

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KUWAIT CITY, April 15: Preacher Salem Al-Taweel called on the family of late media woman, Hedayat Al- Sultan Al-Salem to forgive or reduce the amount of KD 10 million blood money following a final judgment against Khaled Naqa Al-Azmi 19 years ago when the court sentenced him to life imprisonment for murdering her, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Taweel considered the money estimated to be about 10 million dinars for amnesty for Al-Azmi was exaggerated. He pointed out such a large amount of blood money, if paid; it would have a negative effect on the poor and needy people. He added that the man has spent most of his life (19 years) in prison for his crime which he has repented. He again appealed to the family to show mercy and forgiveness in the name of God.

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