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‘Kuwait Airways operates 1,450 flights to and from Kuwait Dec 22-Jan 7’

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10: Kuwait Airways announced that it operated approximately 1,450 fl ights to and from Kuwait, carrying about 205,000 passengers to various destinations during the winter vacation season, between December 22, 2022 and January 7, 2023, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily quoting KAC sources said the three biggest destinations for winter holidays were London, Cairo and Dubai, with a discipline rate of departure and arrival times that reached approximately 90%; the Middle East and Africa, with an achievement rate of 81.64% out of 25,982 flights, which arrived on time during 2022.

The CEO of Kuwait Airways, Eng. Maan Razzouqi said, “We are pleased that we succeeded in operating 1,450 flights during the winter vacation season.” He stressed that the Board of Directors and the Executive Management spare no efforts in developing the company’s fleet, as “we have recently received a number of new and modern aircraft that possess the latest types of technology in the aviation industry sector, and many diverse services for the convenience of our customers, whether in terms of comfortable seats or services provided.”

“On board our fleet we have skilled and highly trained hospitality crews, or even during the speedy completion of travel procedures at Terminal 4 according to well-thought-out scientific plans and standards pursued by the company. “This is in addition to national competencies and skilled hands working within the Blue Bird family, as we follow up closely the requirements and aspirations of our valued customers, and we conduct specialized studies to choose new destinations.

For his part, Captain Issa Al-Haddad, Assistant Chief Executive Officer for Operations Affairs, said: “Today we are pleased to announce the great success achieved by the company during the winter holiday season, confirming our full readiness for the summer season 2023 from now.”

He added that Kuwait Airways is keen to maintain the security and safety of its aircraft through the periodic maintenance it performs for all its fleet, as the company is committed to continuing to maintain the application of the highest standards and regulations set by international safety organizations, and develops them at all levels to keep pace with international standards for the air transport sector, and always strives to ensure that the security and safety of passengers are among its first priorities and one of its main goals, which is why Kuwait Airways has achieved many awards and certificates of appreciation.

He pointed to overcoming all obstacles that our customers may face during the completion of travel procedures, stressing that “we are keen to choose destinations that cover the requirements, aspirations of our customers at all times of the year and the winter and summer seasons, taking into account the selection of destinations according to the requirements of the local and global market.” Al-Haddad concluded his statement by emphasizing the continuous endeavor of Kuwait Airways to provide everything that is new and developed to keep pace with the commercial aviation sector and is subject to international standards, in order to meet the desires and aspirations of our valued customers and provide them with the best various services.

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