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‘Judge man by his deeds’ – ‘Not fair to generalize’

“The man who fears no truth has nothing to fear from lies,” third US President Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826).

Many who claim to be liberals usually condemn religious individuals with or without a reason, especially when the latter is accused or commits a mistake — whether the mistake was intentional or not.

Usually in this case, the issue is not dealt with an objective manner. Instead, the so-called liberals get personal in an obnoxious manner and all they talk about are religious people, as if mistakes are only for religious individuals.

Undoubtedly, every person has his merits and shortcomings, and if not all, majority of the people commit mistakes. This is a human trait which no one is exempted from.

However, the best people are those who apologize and repent their mistakes.

It is not strange for Islamists to be infiltrated by fanatics in a manner that happens with any other faction. We should not forget that majority of the members of Islamist factions have allowed people, whose main aspiration is position, to enter the ranks of the faction to benefit from its influence in public opinion in order to actualize their objectives.

Therefore, it is not fair to generalize. Instead, objectivity is the productive key in dealing with issues.

It is almost impossible for any partial criticism to come out with something good; be whatever you want to be but do not condemn and derogate others. This is due to the fact that the space which accommodates you is definitely enough to accommodate someone else.

I specifically condemn the so-called liberals who claim to adhere to the principle of being tolerant of the opinion of others, and then you end up seeing them being a client in one of the interviews against those identified as religious.

It is not strange to find the so-called liberals constantly fishing for the shortcomings of religious individuals. When they succeed in their task, they outrageously take advantage of the situation, up to the point of using defamation as a tool. When the same happens to them, rage storms them as if the Earth has swallowed them.

Every faction is represented by its members, and I always see that liberals are usually the ones standing tough against violators in an outrageous manner.

You would find that a liberal is a consultant of the State whenever the steam intensifies in the political arena, and it is very rare, apart from a few, to see them upholding the dignity of their opponents.

Today, you will find a liberal calling for liberal principles to be upheld, and then suddenly, you see the same person coming out with a tribal or sectarian face. This makes you contemplate the reality of the ideology and principle that such a liberal claims to bear.

I will not tire the readers with examples of what I am talking about; it is enough for anyone interested to look at the political arena to understand my point.

Therefore, we should deal with objectiveness and be cautious of what is being propagated in terms of ideologies and principles. Sometimes, we should not allow ourselves to appear naïve whenever there are parties in conflict, both sides claiming to adhere to certain principles, but in reality, they are the ones infringing upon such principles.

Political and intellectual standpoints do not stop at a certain limit. Instead, they move the way the sand dunes move in a barren desert.

Hence, we should always focus on ideas and principles that we engage in politics rather than focusing on the bearer of such ideas and principles, given that according to the fluctuation of stances, focusing on individuals is prone to change irrespectively.


y Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi



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