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Wednesday , November 30 2022

Jleeb development sought

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‘Two bills to provide more jobs, solve housing, cut land prices’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 30 : MP Bader Al- Humaidi said he submitted two bills in coordination with Kuwait Municipality; indicating these bills will be considered a qualitative leap once approved as they will contribute to ongoing efforts to provide more job opportunities, solve the housing problem and reduce real estate prices. He revealed one of the bills stipulates the distribution of almost 33,000 housing plots measuring 250 to 300 square meters each. He said these plots are located in various residential areas, which he specified in coordination with the Municipality. He added that 7,693 of these plots are in Amghara; 2,929 in Qairawan; 12,450 in Jahra and 2,343 in Nahda.

He clarified these plots will be offered for public auction, in which the real estate trading companies and individuals will not be allowed to participate. He went on to say that the average price of one plot will range from KD50,000 to 60,000. He disclosed that the auction winners will not be allowed to sell the plots within 10 years and they must construct their houses within three years after completing the infrastructure. He said the estimated total amount that will be collected in the auction is about KD1.990 billion, which will be transferred to Kuwait Credit Bank (KCB) and then the bank will grant this money to housing beneficiaries in the form of loans as stipulated in the law on its establishment. He confirmed the Council of Ministers already approved this bill.

The other bill is on the development of Failaka and Bubiyan islands, in addition to Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh that will be transformed into a model residential area after the evacuation of bachelors who are currently residing there, the lawmaker added. He also submitted a bill on alternative energy, which includes the establishment of related facilities in the borders between Abdally and Salmi, and from Salmi to Nuwaiseeb.

He said this project includes the provision of almost 1,500 megawatts of electricity and planting one million trees. He also proposed the establishment of an industrial zone, whose location will be specified by the Municipality. The size of the zone will be 40,000 thousand square meters that will be divided into industrial plots measuring 1,000 to 1,500 square meters for distribution to youths who want to establish small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The industrial zone will provide houses for laborers and transportation to Kuwait City. This will help in the transformation of Kuwait into an industrial country, because the enterprises therein will manufacture products that the country is currently importing.

In another development, MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri said the country will witness the worst political era in the coming period, as the government will neither solve any problem nor combat corruption. Instead, the government will add more burdens on the shoulders of citizens. HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al- Khalid, National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim and the ministers are acting like they are managing their own companies, he claimed. He expects the citizens to teach these officials an unforgettable lesson. He urged the government to respect the Constitution and stop attempts to close the Assembly for which the country earned not just the respect of the Unites States of America (USA) and the European Union, but the entire world as well. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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