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Jeanne d’Arc of Iran

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Al-Khomeini tapes from France, supported by the superpowers, knocked down the regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Bahlawi after 27 years of assistance to thwart the credible revolution.

Today, after 37 years of the Mullah regime, Jeanne d’Arc of Iran surfaced to present the real face of Iran with the message of civilization, not of those who perished inside the dark tunnels of backwardness that the world has known over the last four decades.

Since 1979, the Iranian revolution has not quenched the fire of injustice against citizens, majority of whom are the youths.  They were forcefully abandoned, while the self-centered group of officials depicted them as monstrous as if they were going to feed on neighbors’ blood and take control over the latter.

However, it is a fact that the minority who monopolized the decision-making process invited the wrath of sanction, isolation and hunger to serve the interests of their outdated expansion policy.  Yet, they continue to live the illusion of the four percent of about 80 million population.

The speech delivered by Maryam Rajwa in the Iranian opposition conference, which was attended for the first time by personalities and representatives from various countries alongside a hundred thousand of Iranians, depicts the real Iran – not the one controlled by bloody adventures under the Mullahs of tyranny, chaos and division.

From the same France, where the ‘virgins of Orleans’ revolutionists have been lying for almost six centuries over deviation of religious leaders from the right path, their counterparts in Iran surfaced yesterday.  They appeared to proffer the best solution for Iran to have an appropriate relationship with the world.

This relationship should stand on integrated civilization for the youthful citizens to return to the international terrain where they can play their roles in growth and development, and there will not be anything like fuelling the fire of killing and imprisoning dreams.  When the numerous illusions of peacocks exhumed graves of the historical venom to justify its ‘revolution export’ slogan, the Iranian opposition was sincere in warning the world about the consequence of that slogan.

Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that the interests of the superpowers took precedence over their favorite human rights slogan.  They started courting the Mullah regime while its knives were cutting social ties by repressing the minority and other segments that were not on the same page as their project.

  On the other hand, the firm stance of the society as a united front  was the stumbling block to the destructive plan.   This is the force translated by Rajwa in her unity speech, which made millions of people cry over what became of their country under the regime that continues to create one crisis after another to keep people busy from being accountable to atrocities committed internally and externally.

If Paris is described historically as the Capital of Light, Maryam Rajwa has chosen it to affirm that Iranians deserve light rather than free death to serve the illusions of a clique.  The clique do not understand the meaning of the ancient Persian saying, “Avidity in the deep dark well, its base is hidden while its tip is wide and open”.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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