Jaber Hospital only for Kuwaitis draws several mixed reactions – Wrong, inhumane: legal experts

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 31: The idea of designating Jaber Hospital solely for citizens has drawn mixed reactions from several citizens, with a section of them implying that expatriates are enjoying services at their expense.

They maintained that the priority should be given to citizens by allotting specific polyclinics solely for their treatment. However, some legal experts have opposed the idea, saying it is wrong and inhumane. The issue of expatriates employed in the public domain is not new, especially the discussion on imbalance population structure and the need to rationalize expenses, the daily said.

Several lawmakers, experts, analysts and ordinary citizens have been talking about the importance of revisiting the population of expatriates to ‘Kuwaitize’ jobs and fix quota for all nationalities. The recent agitation concerning the appointment of expatriates in government sector has also enjoyed mixed reactions from citizens, especially on the huge salaries involved. It did not end there, as some citizens went as far as opening files related to the number of expatriates employed in public sector and vacant positions, years of service, and expatriate teachers who reportedly filed the lawsuit against Kuwait at the International Court.

A recent online poll quoted about 72.4 percent of Kuwaiti bloggers as speaking negatively against expatriates, while 17.2 percent of them showed empathy for expatriates. Those against expatriates (25.9 percent) pressed for their replacement with citizens, while 22.2 percent suggested giving the jobs to Bedouns. Also, 56.6 percent of the bloggers blamed government for the current situation. As regards expatriates who are shaking the society, 65.5 percent of the respondents did not mention any specific nationality but 24.1 percent pointed the finger at Egyptians.

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