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Sunday , October 20 2019

IWG celebrates Int’l Women’s Day with special event

IWG celebrates Int’l Women’s Day

Prominent Kuwaiti and international women share their experiences

KUWAIT CITY, March 5: The International Women’s Day falls on March 8 of every year, and this year the International Women’s Group celebrated this special day on March 3 in Al Afrah Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Farwaniya, in the presence of Ambassador’s wives and prominent women in the Kuwaiti society.

IWG President, Clethe Gubler, welcomed members and guests who were present in participation on that special day. She added that the International Women’s Day is an annual stop that is made to measure and value the extent of women’s achievements and sacrifices made for their countries and their contributions to the advancement of regional and international developments across all fields. Women, worldwide, have gained and earned rights by defending themselves and demanding equality as effective members of society. We all agree that women deserve to be allocated a day where all this is globally recognized and appreciated.

On this occasion, the group hosted several Kuwaiti and international women whom have gained high educational degrees to share their experiences with the members. Ms Chaitali B Roy, author, broadcaster and journalist in an English newspaper in Kuwait, spoke about the role of Kuwaiti women as leaders in the society after proving their efficiency and resilience across all fields. She added that women are able to coordinate their work with social and domestic life, a burden carried by women more than men.

Mrs Krysia Derecki, the wife of the Australian Ambassador to Kuwait, explained more about her political role and how she is an active media representative and has had projects with the BBC and the Australian Radio. She is very passionate about being part of non-profit causes. She further explained how she manages to coordinate all that with her family life while still working on positioning the female leadership correctly in both the society and politically. At present, Krysia is producing a podcast titled ‘At My Kuwaiti Table’ that showcases the lives of extraordinary Kuwaiti women.  

Dr Dorthiya Krimitsas, who works in the field of volunteer medicine at the Red Cross, spoke about her role in monitoring health conditions in the world. She also shared work instances that left an indelible impression on her life and outlook.

Last but not least, Mrs Zeinab Boushehri, the general manager of a beauty clinic, a graduate of Kuwait University with a degree in business administration and marketing, spoke to the women about the importance of taking time to carefully choose the appropriate medical center in order to avoid medical mistakes that sometimes occur. Additionally, she highlighted the importance of maintaining their aesthetic appearance to keep up with the modern era while still preserving the social values.

We would like to thank all those who supported Kuwaiti women in their long journey to claim and receive all their rights and benefits. A film about the celebration of International Women’s Day was presented, highlighting the development of women in various fields of work, locations and positions, as well as their international standing in global forums and their numerous successes, all of which reflects the great trust that society has given them.

On this occasion, Ms Carol Souki and Ms Lillian Maria played the guitar and violin through musical performances that were thoroughly enjoyed by the guests. As always, the Crowne Plaza Hotel Chefs had prepared a delicious variety of food including special platters made especially for the occasion.

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