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Saturday , December 7 2019

Islamic State claims attack in Bangladesh

Two Bangladeshi policemen in the capital were injured in a crude bomb attack that has been claimed by the Islamic State group. Dhaka Metropolitan Police chief Asaduzzaman Mia said the attack happened late Saturday night when a car carrying a Cabinet minister was passing through Dhaka’s busy Dhanmondi area.

A policeman from his security team and a traffic officer were both injured in the explosion. Local Government and Rural Development Minister Tazul Islam escaped unhurt.

The Islamic State group said in a statement posted late Saturday on an IS-affiliate website that two traffic police officers were severely wounded when a “security detachment from the soldiers of the Caliphate” detonated an explosive device in a Dhaka street targeting the two officers.

The policemen were being treated in a hospital and their injuries were not life threatening. The IS has claimed similar attacks on police in the past. Authorities do not publicly reveal the results of their investigations. Bangladesh has a history of attacks by radical groups. (AP)

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