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Islam of Muhammad Ali and Islam of Omar Mateen!?

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

JUST a few days have gone by since the eulogy for American Muslim boxer Muhammad Ali Clay, when the world gathered with all its colors and travelers to pay tribute to a ‘non-reoccurring’ personality … Yes, Muhammad Ali is a personality that will not ‘reoccur’ in history. Who else won the world heavyweight championship title in boxing? Who else fought the American government with its arrogance? Ali rejected the Armed Forces induction to fight against the Vietcong in Vietnam. Who else suffered isolation and was stripped of his heavyweight title due to his bold stances? Who else announced Islam, boasted about Islam and his black color, and fought against racial discrimination methodologically and incessantly practiced by whites against blacks in that country?

Who else but Muhammad Ali was adopted by the world from far end to far end — white, black, Christian, Jew, Buddhist and atheist!? The statement of a Jewish cleric, Hakham, is enough for us. He attacked those who oppressed other people because of their religion, race or situation … It is enough that despite being Jewish, he attacked Israel for the Jewish persecution of Muslims and others. Also, despite being an American, he strongly attacked the American policy for American authorities to protect Israel by using American force … This is a message for Arab law-breakers from regimes and power origins like the Brotherhood — to extend bridges of friendship and cooperation with the Hebrew state these days.

This is the luminous image of a prominent Muslim that spilled over the world from far end to far end tarnished by a Muslim who was brainwashed by ‘takfir’ ideology… In spite of the fact that he was raised and grew up on American goodness, he bit the hand which did him good like a lot of Muslims these days. This lunatic’s father is a refugee from Afghanistan which we ‘referred’ to destruction after exporting ‘takfir’ ideology there under the pretext of fighting the Russian infidels before the Russian exited while it remained unmoved, once by the name Taleban and at another time by al-Qaeda. … The father escaped from the Talebans to embrace the Americans to avoid that disobedience … He worked and then married in that country. He was driven by his perverse thoughts to Pulse gay club… A tribulation for them from God — from the days of Lot up to now, we cannot change that through a bloody act or other… to die in cold blood under the pretext that what they are practicing is against his religious beliefs and then he kills them instead of giving them advice and guidance and urge them to abandon the malady which has affected them … He was killed along with them and off he goes to hellfire.

The image turned 180 degrees of sympathy with Islam and Muslims represented by Muhammad Ali into total rejection and seeing Muslims with a suspicious eye because of what the mad Omar Mateen did.

 What a luminous and honorable Islam that Muhammad Ali propagated and whoever got influenced by him! … What a disgraceful and dishonorable Islam that brainwashed Omar Mateen and whoever is behind the ideologies he embraced.

What a difference between them … Islam of Muhammad Ali and Islam of Omar Mateen … the difference is clear!!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil


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