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Is Kuwait government on a sabotage mission?

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: Almost a month has passed since the Parliament went into recess and as the government has always claimed that the National Assembly hinders its work, it has become crystal clear now that the government is still in deep slumber. Nevertheless, the government has not initiated anything to relieve the pain of the people but rather has created more confusion in the area of taking precautionary measures to confront the Covid-19 pandemic.

To add insult to injury, it continues to be stubborn and gives a deaf ear to people’s complaints, especially to complaints of citizens who are stranded abroad. All that the people see is arbitrary government decisions and the set of conditions imposed on citizens who wish to return and on those who want to travel. Is the government on a sabotage mission? … Yet, tomorrow is just another day. Zahed Matar, Arab Times

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