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Sunday , November 28 2021

Is America, West end near?

I am saddened by those who think that the end of the ‘American-Western Empire’ is near, and those who think that our civilization will replace it makes me laugh.

There is no doubt that civilization of the modern era differs from previous civilizations as its benefits cover the whole world in the form of medicines, treatment, industries, inventions, discoveries, space pioneering, and a set of unprecedented values and ideals in human history.

It alone puts an end to the crime of human slavery that lasted for thousands of years, and the role of the British cannon in this regard is unforgettable. It is the civilization that formulated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. No denial or ignoring of these facts is of any use or benefit. It is very vital to differentiate between some governments of Western civilization and their peoples as some of them have committed unforgettable atrocious crimes.

Samuel Huntington sees that global civilization is Western par excellence, not only from the logic of the depth of its hegemony but also for its ability to create free man.

Those who claim that it is the product of ancient civilizations may be true in part, but the current civilization includes dozens of languages and countries, a phenomenon that the world has never known before.

It is also characterized by its ability and willingness to take on humanitarian responsibility. When the waves of our millions of refugees invaded the shores of the West in a disturbing humanitarian phenomenon in search of food and safety, they found it only in the West, the only party that was and still is capable of doing that.

Some forget that the sciences and alphabets of previous civilizations have been drawn by everyone for centuries, but no country has benefited from them sufficiently and significantly until the West came, represented in the field of printing letters by Gutenberg and Western discoverers who followed him and they made a huge scientific leap by making it accessible to everyone, and this is something that has not happened since man knew the alphabet five thousand years ago.

The opinions, achievements, and ideas of Ibn Rushd, Ibn Sina, Al-Farabi, and dozens of other philosophers, scholars and thinkers were in the hands of everyone, but none of their works caught anyone’s attention, and on top of that, they were ostracized, some were expiated and others were tortured or killed, then that Western civilization came and benefited from their achievements. How can we give credit for someone other than the West, who saw in these people what no one else saw in them?

All this did not happen randomly. There are inherent characteristics in the original composition of the West, which made it see when others are blind of, innovate when others are dull, and succeed when others fail.

These characteristics are not imported but rather authentic and precedent, and with the strength of their positive momentum, and from them the West was able to be civilized in this exceptional way in history.

In the past Japan has chosen the same suspicious and rejecting position since its first contact with the West (1542-1868). When Japan realized that science is a source of strength, and that the West is the source of this science, it adopted the conditional acceptance, that is to say the acceptance of technology and the rejection of institutional values which led to a disaster that escalated into a series of wars until it exploded in its ugliest atomic form in 1945 which fell on the heads of the Japanese.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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