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Saturday , October 1 2022

Iraq revolutionists, kill who kills your brother

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THERE is no doubt at all that the Iraqi Army and other security apparatus will not remain mere onlookers of all the bloodshed being perpetrated in Iraq by militants who are mercenaries of Iran while their leaders ignore the daily massacres ongoing in various cities of their country.

It is for this reason that the armed forces should sometimes revolt against the ruling political class in order to stop the bloodbath after being flogged beyond all human conventions and traditions.

If the ruling political powers had been under the cover of religious leaders at a particular period of time, here are the leaders calling for protection of protesters, listening to their voice and stopping violence against the innocent protesters.

We understand that the modern Iraqi history has witnessed series of revolutions and protests. With the exception of the 1958 revolution, the military has been the tool for coup d’état against the government with the knowledge of or in alliance with political forces who strive to snatch the power.

However, those coups used to end in massacres perpetrated by the very military that revolted. The masses were the ones who revolted in the first revolution, and imposed it on the armed forces to support them. The military did not delay in taking the decision that day. They went out of their barracks to take over the state facilities, and the revolutionists apprehended the king, prime minister and other leaders whom they killed. They dragged Nouri Al-Sa’eed out on the streets of Baghdad.

At that time, the living, economic and political conditions were not as bad as it is today. The corruption that sparked the 2019 revolution was not widespread in the government departments as it is today. This is in addition to absence of militants affiliated to leader of the so-called Iranian “Al-Quds Corps” Qasim Sulaimani, who is known for his cruelty in controlling prime ministers and appointing military chiefs in Al-Rashid’s capital (Baghdad).

Iraq was an advanced country by the standards of that time. It had top scientists, not agents. The value of dinar was stronger than foreign currencies and there was no crisis related to the living conditions. Despite all this, there was a revolution against the government as soon as people sensed that corruption was being perpetrated in the monarchy’s palace.

Undoubtedly, the ruling political class is trying to get military protection today through the sectarian and partisan lines in the commands, and using the security apparatus as cover. They are disillusioned to think this can save them from the collapse, but they have forgotten that the military have been watching their brothers and compatriots being killed in a cruel manner and will not remain patient for long. The bloody scenario will motivate them to be disobedient to the mercenary government, especially when the situation is tilting towards further violence.

In the past, the military were on the side of the people. We remember how they killed Abdul-Kareem Qasim and how the Iraqis dissociated themselves from the butcher Saddam Hussein who was left to face his dark fate.

In view of this historical experience, there is no doubt that the Iraqi Army will soon be left with two options – either stand by the side of people or remain under control of Qasim Sulaimani and the agents of Iran.

However, those who know the army understands very well the extent of their patience as well as the rate of anger when they revolt.

During the recent Iranian public protest, the protesters raised a slogan with the inscription “Kill who kills your brother”. Will the Iraqi protesters raise a similar slogan?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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