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Iran ‘Nobel’ for pretence

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THE Arab adage, “They satisfied us with beating, so we satisfied them with swearing,” applies to the Iranian policy. At a time when Tehran is begging for lifting of sanctions to silence the voices of 56 percent of its population living below the poverty line because of Tehran’s terror operations in the region and the world, its leaders are launching sarcastic threats.

Just yesterday, Spokesperson of the Iranian government Mohammad Baker Nobakht said his country will “include the United States in the terror camp of the Islamic State should it decide to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group.” A few days ago, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that “even if 10 other Trumps are created in the world, the nuclear deal is not reversible.”

Perhaps, this warning would have been taken seriously if it was issued by a bigger country like China, Russia or the European Union. When it comes from leaders of a pariah country like Iran, it undoubtedly calls for mockery and expresses the level of madness the Iranian administration is suffering, prompting the latter to blindly take historic lessons from big forces that came before them.

Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein made these kinds of threats. He threatened to burn half of Israel with ‘double chemicals’ while he was maneuvering to invade Kuwait. Nevertheless, it became clear later that he was just bragging about possessing weapons of mass destruction. Instead of confronting those he threatened, he was pulled out of the dungeon in one of farms after the US forces swept Iraq which country was drawn towards destruction because of the ‘Saddamic lie’. Iraq is now in the hands of Iranian militias causing more havoc and destruction, and worst of all, spreading sectarian disturbances that it has not experienced throughout its history.

Undoubtedly, the ‘pretence’ of the arrogant peacock regime in front of their people who are suffering from hunger and choking in social crisis deserves a Nobel Prize. Iran has not witnessed a ceremony of lies with regards to its military power and strength as it did today. Day in and day out, its officials are opening horizons for international isolation by launching enormous threats beyond their country’s capacity.

Before this, the Iranian threats are considered a cover to internal crises. Therefore, the regime is compensating for this situation through its militant arms in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen — in addition to planting terrorist cells in the Arab Peninsula to destabilize the GCC countries. However, such attempts have always been foiled. In other words, the regime is spending billions of dollars on the expansion project, while Iran is heading towards an era of division especially with the growing calls for independence in occupied regions — either in Ahwaz or Balochistan — where the Iranian authorities have been implementing a program for the abolition of cultural and religious identities since 1979.

It was an opportunity for the Iranian regime to save billions of dollars squandered on unreachable extension programs, if only it adopted the good neighbor policy and wise diplomacy aimed at strengthening cooperation with the region’s countries and laying down the foundation for sustainable development.

It seems the fate of Iranians is to be led by a group of reckless sectarians who are many light years away from wisdom.

Thus, we pray to God to support the Iranians who will definitely continue suffering the consequences of the crazy adventures of their regime until God Almighty could accomplish a matter which has already been enacted.

There are indicators that this is no longer far away, especially with the current American administration which knows no semi-solutions. Then, we will see how the paper tiger of the Mullah regime will burn with the very first spark.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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