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Invitation for corruption – Gifts, parties stepping stones

The government publicly acknowledged in writing that there was no comprehensive anti-corruption strategy. Despite the fact that this recognition is a tragedy, it favored the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Subaih, by recognizing that the default is better than remaining silent, as the government has been for years.

Despite the seriousness of the issue, it passed without comment from a majority of the observers and the regulatory bodies too have to a large extent remained mum, which means their knowledge and implicit acceptance of projects worth tens of billions of dinars not subjected to any anti-corruption plan.

Other sources also pointed out that suspicions do not only affect contracts and tenders, but that the misuse of resources includes millions of dollars paid as bonuses to undeserving people and promotions based on nepotism, waste in food supply subsidies, financial support for unemployment, not to mention the waste of hundreds of millions of dinars on overseas treatment.

Then there are billions of dinars entrusted for spending on projects and other items that have always been the talk of the town but in absolute silence or secrecy whatever you may call it by the concerned government authorities either for fear or shame or complicity, but only those concerned deal with it as if they are least concerned.

My colleague Abdullah Madifar, wrote an article published years ago in Al-Youm Saudi newspaper, in which he mentioned that a man entered the office of his corrupt father, and said to him ‘teach me about corruption’.

The father told his son even corruption has basics and principles that he has to learn and take care of, and that politicians know about it, and that these principles are other than those he learned in school, and that he must not work alone since it is a collective phenomenon and requires to share with the corrupt and strengthen his links with them.

He also advised his son to look for men who are known to be ‘above the law’ and buy their partnership for a high price because it is they who teach the skills which others cannot if he has to climb the ladder of corruption.

He also warned his son against making a grave mistake saying if your piece of cake is bigger than that of others; the cake does not cut evenly. So he advised him to be generous and share the spoils of corruption which he must distribute to the young corrupt who will then be encouraged to bring to him more corrupt cakes.

The corrupt professional, my son, must be familiar with the law. The embezzlers with little experience go to prison, but the professionals are commended and honored in front of the lenses of the photographers.

He also advised his son to get rid of all the evidence of corruption. “And you should not be afraid or ashamed, my son of corruption, because ‘senior’ corrupt people are in every government and company.

“You have to throw bit parties between the private and government sectors. The more parties between them, the greater the corruption, and remember that business leaders are better able to corrupt senior officials as the corrupt people hate the name ‘bribe’ but call it ‘commission’.

“Corruption must not be denied, it is so big that we cannot remove it and we have to live with it. You have to talk about integrity, and do not be shy about corruption. Give great services to those who chase corruption, take photo souvenirs with them and smile, they may turn a blind eye if they find you are caught red-handed,” said the father.

“Do not worry about the large number of institutions fighting corruption, provided you succeed in their duplication and non-integration. Look for media opportunists who will help you and be of great assistance,” the father said.

“Do not worry, corruption is a contagious disease, and the low income, which millions pass through, will some day weaken as long as monitoring is weak. The bureaucracy provides a wonderful environment for corruption by delaying the interests of fairness, so serve the corrupt interests,” the father added.

“Corruption grows in total safety in overlapped systems, and spread the culture that the right does not reach the rightful owner. Just smile when you see the tea boy takes home the tea bags and when you see an ordinary employee putting the pens in his pocket, this means the environment of corruption turns to good with time,” he went on to say.

By the way, a former writer at the Al-Watan daily had strongly criticized the thieves working at the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company during a public speech.

Note: It turned out that the one who told us about stopping the teaching of English at the Kuwaiti primary schools was not accurate, and what Professor Mohammed Al-Rubaie said about the decision of Nasser to stop teaching English in Egypt is also inaccurate.

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By Ahmad Al Sarraf



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