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Interior details arrest of 2 DAESH-leaning minors, adult

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 27: The Directorate- General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry stated that as part of the relentless efforts of various sectors of the Ministry of Interior to address crime, track down criminals and confront them with firmness, the security services have arrested two juveniles, ages 15 and 16, and an adult for possessing unlicensed weapons and ammunition and promoting what the security authorities called extremist ideology, reports Al-Anba daily. A statement by the Ministry of Interior giving details, said the cooperation between the security agencies one of the suspects was arrested, who during interrogations admitted to meeting a person on the social media and their discussions centered on extremist ideology which both of them happened to share.

The administration said further investigations and an intensified search and investigation operations and collecting information, two other persons were arrested, one of them a juvenile embracing the same extremist ideology, and after taking permission from the prosecution, their homes were searched and unlicensed weapons and ammunition, ISIS logos and photographic devices were found.

The administration when those arrested were confronted them with what was attributed to them, they acknowledged and confessed to possessing weapons and ammunition. Following the arrest, verbal instructions were issued last Thursday evening to most security sectors to deploy in the vicinity of vital installations, whether they are places of worship, oil installations or commercial complexes, in addition to the deployment of the Special Forces personnel, security patrols and security men in their military uniform. However, a security source said that these precautionary measures have nothing to do with the issue of the two minors, adding that they are security measures taken by the higher leadership in the ministry.

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