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Information needed

I wanted some information. I am not sure if I am contacting the right department.

I am an Indian girl and got an alliance (Indian) who is working in Kuwait for the last few years and eligible for dependant visa according to him and he is working in a money exchange firm. He has got a Kuwaiti cellphone number as well. I would like to know if you have any tips of checking the integrity of the alliance as I don’t know anyone in Kuwait or here and cannot afford to have a detective agency either.

It would be of great help as I am told I will have to settle down with him in Kuwait post nikah and I am unable to get any more info from him or his family. Hope you would oblige and do the needful.

Name withheld

Answer: We wish we could have been of help to you but unfortunately the information you are seeking for is outside our preview and competence. As you rightly said, it is only a private eye or those who are very close to him who can provide you with that information.

But as you say you do not have the means to hire a detective agency to do the work for you, will suggest that you do everything possible to get to know his family members and close acquaintances and through this you may be able to get some information about the gentleman in question to help you take an informed decision.

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