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Friday , January 21 2022

Indian caught with two pounds of gold paste stashed in his rectum

Imphal, Manipur, Sep 29: An Indian smuggler from Kozhikode, Kerala was arrested by CISF team at Imphal Airport in Manipur, he had stashed 909.70 grams (2 pounds) of gold paste worth KD 17,000 in his rectum it was revealed after it showed up on an x-ray.  The CISF official who noticed Mohammad Sharif moving in a suspicious manner bound for Delhi flight was stopped for  questioning but he couldn’t answer satisfactorily due to language barrier, hence he was taken for an x-ray which revealed that he had taken 4 capsules filled with gold paste.

India is the world’s second largest gold consumer, first is China. Smuggling has increased in recent years due to high customs duty levied by the Indian Government. Smugglers are becoming more creative in smuggling gold, the latest is converting gold metal into paste.

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