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Indemnity in ministry

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times… could you please answer my queries on the following subject.

I have been working with a ministry, in an office job, for the last 7 years on a second contract.

If I resign by end of this year, how much will I get as indemnity? Is the indemnity based on the basic salary or the salary with all allowances as a total? Will it be half a month’s salary for first five years and 1 month salary for additional years? Will there be any difference in resignation and termination benefits? Last year, a friend of mine resigned and he did not get the full salary, they deducted the 50- dinar allowance the government declared for ministry staff twice (meaning KD 100 reduced from his salary) and calculated the benefits.

Is it legal to do so? Now it seems that the private sector law is better than the ministry sector. Civil Service Commission have different procedures for each ministry?

Name withheld
Answer: Please remember that the Kuwait Labor Law is for the private sector only and the benefits of the ministry employees depend on the individual contracts and rules and regulations set by the Civil Service Commission. So, it all depends on your contract plus the rules of your ministry.

You also have to check what sort of contract you have because sometimes ministries have special contracts which stipulate a lot of different things. In view of the above, we can’t comment on your query and we suggest you talk to your HR Department to get the exact details of the benefits you are entitled to receive.

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