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Incoherent allegation … denied!

WE, being political observers, consider the appointment of the Minister of Education and Higher Education even if it was done based on tribal quota system because he is a ‘bureaucrat’ in every sense of the word.

This means he was appointed as a person with long experience in education, considering his previous capacity as assistant minister for higher education. I hope I am not wrong in this regard.

As per the old generation’s culture and mentality, we are linked with the generation of ‘iPhone’ and other stuff in our modern society of the youth; such that higher education is linked with sophistication of thoughts and academic achievements in relation to modern human’s life.

Higher education is considered progressive and an academic astonishment which we did not imagine could happen at lightning speed, without giving humans the opportunity to comprehend it due to its rapid development and progress which happen almost every dawn.

This has reached a point where even the champions or geniuses of that astonishing technological and scientific development are waking up with returns earned through their achievements. These returns are equal or even more than the possessions of oil sheikhs, owners of banks, investment companies and the like.

I want to highlight in this article the submissiveness of the current education minister who is a bureaucratic doctorate degree holder. To be clearer, it is about an unacceptable conduct or procedure taken by the Parliament in modern history.

To be more precise, I mean the report released by the parliamentary Committee for Addressing Negative Phenomena, which oozes negativity and mars the democratic practice of Kuwait in its short history.

This committee is regarded as one of the worst enemies of personal freedom and liberty. It was established hypocritically to please the voices of specific voters. It is detached from the tolerant Kuwaiti society.

This committee left out all miseries in the educational sector including the deteriorating educational level due to its fanatic influence in recent decades such that it controls this vital sector.

They left out the spread of violence among youths or the cheating phenomenon and purchase of researches. In addition, they have neglected the purchased graduate certificates, some of which were purchased using Zakat (alms) and charity money.

They are inattentive to these miseries and many others. Instead, they focused on what they described as ‘devil worshipping and atheism’ phenomena in schools and colleges in the Education Ministry. They were supported by a certain ministry for fear of its evil, or else …

Owing to that, the committee, which was formed by the concerned minister, supported the existence of such phenomena in schools. We, as citizens, guardians and parents of the children of this country, absolutely reject the recommendation of the committee.

We also reject appeasement in relation to the report of the minister and the undersecretary. Instead of this frivolity, we want them to focus on advancing the current status of our education and rescue it from the abyss where those following the ideology of that committee were thrown in the past decades.

We ask them and those in that committee to apologize to our youths for hurling incoherent allegations at the latter.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil

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