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Impose heavy fines, impound cars those who move around during curfew

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KUWAIT CITY, Mar 27: MP Safaa Al-Hashem expressed her surprise for not abiding by the decisions implemented regarding curfews and social gathering she stated that “The tragedy is that there are expats who do not respect the laws and decisions implemented for their own safety, but thank God we have authorities who are there to enforce laws.”

She further stated that “Personally, I contacted the Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh, and he revealed to me that there are strict instructions regarding the movements of citizens and expatriates even during the period of non curfew hours, especially about people who go around without any reason.”

She added that whoever goes out unnecessarily or goes out of houses his car should be withdrawn and interrogated and high fines should be imposed on him, and even put in detention.

Al-Hashim pointed that some people do not respect the decisions and we see many of them walking on pedestrian path, around scientific center it is crowded with cars it reflects lack of interest of officials in the scientific club in implementing the decisions asking why it is still open until now?” “And also the scientific club, we did not see any contribution from it in this crisis in the interest of the state, and we did not even hear a statement from its manager.”

Al-Hashim added that, “We also see that there are crowds at seafront and in Shuwaikh industrial estate and this areas requires more attentions from the Ministry of Interior and the concerned authorities.

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