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The most important spare part – ‘Drive safely’

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

SUMMER is back, bringing some problems for cars. Nothing in the car requires us to be sure about more than the tyres which, in many cases, separate life and death.

Due to extreme temperatures in Kuwait, tyres deteriorate faster than usual so they need special care. We should check the tyres frequently to ensure they have no cracks. We should inspect the metal ring as well.

Every time we buy new tyres, we must pay attention to the production date that should not be more than two years from the purchase date. We can easily find the date printed on the tyres. It consists of four numbers — the first two numbers refer to the week and the last two numbers refer to the year the tyre was produced. For example, if we see 32 16, this means the tyre was manufactured in the 32nd week of 2016.

It is important to buy expensive tyres and it is better to buy them from the authorized agent of a well-known brand. We should not be happy buying cheap tyres from a small shop or a cooperative society branch because the price might be our life or that of one of our family members.

It is recommended that the balance of tyres is adjusted after fixing new ones; otherwise, the car will not be as stable as it should be. It is recommended that the tyres must be aligned according to the manual and every 10,000 kms. This process keeps the tyres in similar condition and prevents quick deterioration.

It is very important to check air pressure inside the tyres once or twice a month. We have to inspect air pressure inside each tyre and this should be done while the car is cold as the measurement when the tyres are hot is inaccurate.

When air inside the tyre is less than what it should be, a larger part of the tyre will touch the road; thus, the tyre deteriorates faster. In case the air inside the tyre is more than what it should be, the smaller part of the tyre will touch the ground and then the tyre deteriorates from the middle rather than the edges. I wish everybody drives safely.

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By Ahmed Al-Sarraf

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