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If only they did not do it in Syria

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT IS time for everyone to face the truth. After five years and a half since the war started in Syria, with Turkey pioneering the fall of the regime; Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has finally admitted it is possible for Bashar al-Assad to be part of the transition period in Syria. In politics, such a position is considered the start of withdrawing from all previous slogans.

After months or weeks from now, it will not be surprising at all to hear Yildirim saying there is no problem in having Assad’s regime in power forever. In this case, it is reasonable to ask: Is it not be better to stop the killing of 257,000 thousand people with hundreds of thousands injured and handicapped, in addition to the displacement and immigration of 12 million people by following the simplest road towards the solution — to leave Syrians to decide the destiny of their country and choose their own regime? We said in the past that the Palestinian misery is literally recurring in Syria.

In Palestine, Arab altercations, in accordance with the whims of this side and that side, led to the loss of Palestine. The same scenario is recurring in Syria. In Syria, the resistance movement preferred hotels over trenches and they resorted to media harassment which was the first reason behind the vessels of death that continue to roam around.

Millions are being ‘ironed’ with denial and desperation in refugees’ tents where life is unbearable; whereas the satellite channels converge as people call for protection of land, honor and liberation. However, in reality, they are trading in the lives of victims, as it happened recently to Aleppo’s boy — Omran.

After 2,000 days of war in Syria, with the ouster of Assad as the main objective, Turkey is retreating from the position of its president who vowed to pray in Umawi Mosque in Damascus once it is liberated. Since Assad has not gone, Turkey is retreating from its position after all the human losses and destruction.

Turkey retreats after the gangs of terrorists from every corner of the world entered Syria. These gangs have different ethnicities, colors, norms and names, such as DAESH, Al-Nusra, Abi Fadhel Al-Abbasi Brigade, Army of Conquest, Hezbollah and several other terrorist factions, brigades and legions which committed crimes against humanity in a manner that has never been witnessed in any country in the world. Indeed, the real time for showdown has passed.

Admitting that solutions presented before through military means were inappropriate and unwise, it is now clear that those interfering in Syria’s affairs have fallen victims to taking sides. It was not a secret when everyone was being dragged into this bog, while the regional groups did not look at the consequences because the call for civil and sectarian wars sparked their zeal. It was as if no one read history to learn about leaders who rallied behind their emotions and personal heroic fantasies which led them to destroy their countries and their people.

Was it not because of seeking vengeance for a single person — the Austrian crown prince — that the world lost about 40 million people who died, were injured and vanished in the First World War when chemical weapons were used? Also after two decades, was it not Hitler’s cranky politics and his struggle towards personal glory that led to the Second World War in which 50 million people lost their lives and the atomic bomb was used whose catastrophic outcome continues to affect generations? The Syrian misery is not the first in the Arab world.

In fact, it was preceded by several miseries that could have been a lesson, at least for the Arabs, like the wars in Lebanon, Somalia and Iraq … What benefits did we get now that things are back to square one? If only they did not do it in Syria, they would have learned the lesson. Omran Daqneesh, the shocked boy from Aleppo is whispering to you: “Leave us alone, we are tired of your interference.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Email: ahmed@aljarallah.com

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