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Saturday , October 1 2022

“I did not kill my daughter.. I found her dead … I feared reporting her death”

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: Criminal Court Counselor Abdullah Al Othman postponed the case to 27th Jan of a female Kuwaiti who has been accused of killing her own daughter in Salmiya after confiding her in an apartment bathroom stealing her freedom. Three charges were levied   1. Refraining from taking care of her daughter, withholding her freedom and violating the sanctity of the dead.

The mother told “The daughter was dead and she was so afraid, that she refused to inform her children nor anyone”. The Judge asked if any of her sons were present, and one of them stood during the court session and testified that his mother always told him that his sister was locked in a room in the house and she was preventing her from leaving, one day he informed his mother and threatened her that he would live the apartment and stay alone and will take his sister along with him but his mother told him his sister is dead and her body is in the bathroom, so he immediately reported this matter to the police.

Initially as per police report a Kuwaiti citizen in his twenties reported to Salmiya police station that he had a quarrel with his mother because she killed his sister in 2016 and kept her body in the bathroom of the apartment in Salmiya area. The police searched the apartment and had found remains of a decomposing body in the bathroom and mother and his brother were arrested. Forensic team was summoned and the body was referred to determine cause and time of death.