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How long will we put up with the ‘tubas’ of insult and distrust?


Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

FIFTY-FIVE years since the start of constitutional work and State institutions, have we reached a point where democracy reflects daily on the practices of people or we just wear the democratic cloak without its essence?

Undoubtedly, there is misconception about democracy — its principles on respecting relations between every social entity, as well as relations with other countries regardless of their nature and safeguarding supreme national interests. Apparently, the tribal and sectarian fanatics failed to comprehend these principles. Instead, what they understand about democracy is that it is a form of ‘opinion dictatorship’ with its own vocabulary of insults and distrust.

These people should understand that freedom of expression and opinion has legal limits; prohibiting insults, indecency and instigation of sedition. They should realize they are not trustees of the society and they cannot impose their shenanigans on it. One of them seems to be trying to deceive others, through his actions, as he claims to be speaking on behalf of the people of Kuwait, but in reality, he is merely expressing himself.

Without a doubt, this is not what the founding fathers of this country strived for through the Constitution, laws and institutions. It is unfortunate that after all these years of democratic practice, some people still failed to blend with the national texture of the country.

This is why we see such people pledging allegiance based on personal interests. They end up taking pride in being affiliated to other countries, forgetting that they are committing high treason. This applies whether one transgresses the entity of the Emirate or offends brotherly nations along with utter disregard of the same culture, brotherly relations and shared destiny, and the least of all, forgetting that those nations stood by Kuwait in good and bad times.

Those who lack political insight, ignorant of laws and constitution, unable to participate in building and developing the country, fail to stipulate productive laws and social initiatives which contribute to national development, are the only ones who resort to seditious sectarian speech in order to hide their pretentions, weaknesses and political silliness.

Tough laws have been enacted for people like these in order to change their beliefs regarding democracy and their misconceptions on freedom of expression and opinion, just the way it happened to those who offended the entity of the Emirate and instigated sedition among the children of this society, or those who insulted brotherly and friendly countries.

In democracy, the law is the cutting sword. Therefore, the law must be enforced on anyone who attempts to perturb our relations, especially with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. This is because through experience, these people intentionally disturbed such relations in a bid to implement destructive regional agendas. Sometimes, they benefit from a certain political capacity, oblivious of the fact that such capacity does not always provide protection because it is limited to certain conditions and circumstances.

Hence, the concerned authorities must play their natural roles in this regard and hold these people accountable for their actions to serve as a lesson for others with similar tendencies. All these aim to ensure that Kuwait does not become a place where its GCC brothers are assaulted, especially in this sensitive period of time.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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