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How dreams are lost


Austrian philosopher and professor, Karl Popper says: “The attempt to create heaven on earth invariably produces hell.”

Moroccan thinker Ahmed Assid believes the Arab and Muslim nation at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, witnessed the collapse of the notorious Ottoman Empire and a religious cultural movement renewed by Muḥammad Abduh, the Egyptian Islamic jurist; Jamal al-Din al-Afghani, a political activist and Islamic ideologist who travelled throughout the Muslim world during the late 19th century and Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi, the Syrian author and pan-Arab solidarity supporter, one of the most prominent intellectuals of his time; and others.

They were about to succeed in alerting the Muslims of their backwardness and urging them to follow the progress they have seen in Europe, and taking their political, industrial and other experiences a model to follow.

In 1928, the colonial powers which replaced the Ottoman Empire realized the danger of this movement and supported Hassan al-Banna’s efforts to establish a conservative party entity in the name of the Muslim Brotherhood, to confront the movement of modernization and change their advocacy to take the West as an example to ‘Islam is the Solution’ and that we will find solutions to all problems intellectual, technological, political, economic and others if we return to the past.

Thus, the Brotherhood movement succeeded, especially after their solidarity with other hardline parties and their branches succeeded in stopping the progress of the Ummah (nation) which preoccupied the people with various religious and doctrinal disputes and wars and abruptly put a stop to the Muslim merger with the civilized Western societies which are looked upon as infidel.

Despite the 91-year anniversary of the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood and more than twice of that of the movement of Wahhabism, all Islamic movements have failed miserably to present drafts constitutions modern, written and debatable solutions, based their philosophy, if any, and their positions towards vital and dangerous issues.

Throughout this period, they have been preoccupied with changing the ruling system and taking power without really making any preparations in this regard and therefore they failed to respond to those who accuse them of intellectual superficiality and claimed they will reveal their plans when they reach power and that they have their programs that will stop “our dependence on others” food safety and health security.

What plan the Brotherhood has to free from the grip of Western powers? Do they have self-efficiency programs in any area? What is their position towards the millions of non-Muslim despite their claim of faith in the ballot boxes and democracy?

How do they believe in democracy and when they do not accept a Christian, for example, to be the army commander or the president of the State? This duality of positions is fatal, and it is difficult for a semi-primitive party such as the Muslim Brotherhood to deal with its solution. They want to eat and preserve the cake at the same time.

Ninety-one years ago, the Muslim Brotherhood party and the army of intellectuals have done nothing but called for a return to Islam without presenting a single clear plan, even in Egypt, which they ruled for one whole filled with stupidity and brought about chaos and lost the power due to more stupidity.

They have done nothing at all during that period, other than distribute oil and flour free, to win the votes of the poor. Thus, all those who said that the winds of Islamic awakening led by the Muslim Brotherhood will restore the hope of the nation again and the rebirth of the true, pure and moderate Islam and rid manifestations of polytheism and slavery are living in the world of illusion and do not know what they say.

You cannot rely on a terrorist movement whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent people and whose logo reflects bad intentions, to restore the nation’s aspirations. If it could do so I would be the first to support it.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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