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Hopeless State Government!!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

ONE of the local daily newspapers published a report that principals in government schools have instructed teachers to stop using tablets after discovering some students did not use the gadgets for the intended purpose — using them in school, let alone the fact that some schools have no Internet.

The daily indicated that after two terms of experiment on the use of tablets in schools, it became clear that the students did not benefit from this. In fact, it worsened the learning process.

With this news, we congratulate our officials in the Ministry of Education, teachers and students on the amazing discovery. This explains why we are much behind in the aspect of teaching students, whereas our public education sector was ranked 635th worldwide. We are also behind among the GCC countries and the Arab world.

We see the eyes, hands and all senses of our children attached to modern laptops. Through this, our geniuses in the ministry and their advisors realized it is better to return to the days of blackboards and chalks.

They are turning the clock back to half a century ago. How could this be beneficial? Definitely, it is useless.

After giving the wand of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to a fundamentalist as a reward from the authority to the fundamentalist group, he will grant a part of it to anyone he wishes from his group.

We previously warned about a chicken that lays golden eggs — Awqaf Ministry — for fundamentalists where they will be devoured. With ‘fatwas’ from their ‘takfiri’ and fanatic members, this will happen without anyone saying a word.

They are the ones in charge of it while there are exits in every ‘Sharia’ base, more than the emergency exits in the 360 Cinema.

This ministry decided to open 12 centers for learning the Holy Quran, in addition to scores of centers for the benefit of people who follow the ideology and norms of fundamentalist groups.

In these centers, a few of them are Kuwaitis and majority of them are our expatriate brothers. There will be no increase in dosage in terms of scientific and modern culture. Instead, it will be passing updates on what the brains of their intellectuals have come up with.

Here, Allah forbid, we are not faulting our book that was revealed. Almighty Allah said in Chapter 15, Verse 8 of the Quran: “It is We Who have sent it down, and We Ourselves will preserve it.”

The Holy Quran is preserved through Divine Will, not the decisions taken by fundamentalist groups with the unjustified assistance of the government which always reminds us of the millions of budget deficit and the need for austerity … while it opens all of its pockets and engages in weird generosity for new returnees to the barn among those affiliated with the ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Salafist’ extremists.

How do you expect us to trust the ideology of such a government which is running this country? It is completely hopeless.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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