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Hope for ‘better’ TI ranking index

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Power abuse denied in arrest

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 20: Majed Al-Mutairi, head of the Kuwait Transparency Society (which is authorized to announce the results for Kuwait issued by the Transparency International) says “Kuwait has chances this year to at least maintain its previous ranking on the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2021 which will be issued by Transparency International (TI) next Tuesday morning and predicted “this year Kuwait’s ranking to be 34 points out of 100, instead of the 40 in the previous indicators, reports Al-Rai daily.

He pointed out that “the expectations that Kuwait’s ranking will improve this year are due to the adoption of the Freedom of Information Act,” explaining at the same time that “the broad title of this indicator will be (human rights and freedom of civil society), and given the Kuwaiti situation, we will find that the international measurement of the status of human rights and freedom of civil society is good in Kuwait, as the National Commission for Human Rights was established, in addition to the existence of two associations specialized in human rights.”

He stated that “accelerating the adoption of the conflict of interest laws and the Independent Electoral Commission, both of which are requirements of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, would improve Kuwait’s ranking in future indicators.” In another context, Al-Mutairi announced the formation of the new board of directors of the Kuwaiti Transparency Society, pointing out that this board, which carries a comprehensive development agenda for transparency and anti-corruption mechanisms in Kuwait, will continue its work until 2024.

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